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Click the image above for a hi-res gallery of the Nissan Otti and Moco

Apparently the partnership between Suzuki and Nissan is one that both sides like. So much so that they are already discussing additional future collaborations. We have already reported about the Suzuki-built, Nissan-badged Moco minicar, the Nissan-built, Suzuki-badged Jimny from Thailand, and then the sharing of another minicar for Europe in exchange for Suzuki getting a Nissan minivan to fill capacity at its Indian factory.

Back in February, we reported on a blossoming friendship between Nissan and Suzuki, which initially saw a modest trade between the two automakers in the form of the 660cc Moco minicar (pictured), built by Suzuki but badged as a Nissan. In exchange, Nissan builds a small number of Suzuki's Jimnys in Thailand.