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In addition to the return of the EcoXperience driving exhibit, the upcoming Detroit Auto Show will also feature Electric Avenue. The show organizers have just released the list of vehicles that will make up the Avenue, and there are some old friends and a few surprises. It looks like this:

Nissan has announced a new range of forklifts that use lithium ion batteries provided by Nissan and NEC's joint venture AESC. These batteries were first seen powering the Mixim and the Pivo 2 concepts during the Frankfurt Motor Show. Does this move of the batteries to actual production vehicles mean that we'll get us a Nissan EV as expected? Nissan states that this is part of its Nissan GT 2012 strategy to produce an EV for the U. S. in 2010 and 2012 in the rest of the world. The new forklift mo

These Frankfurt Motor Show vehicles no longer need an introduction. We've been covering them to the hilt and, if you missed what any of them are, you can see last night's wrap-up for more information. What this post is meant to do is provide you with some shiny, high-resolution images to see the concepts for yourself. Consider it our version of a free ticket to the show. We'll keep posting on more details from the IAA today; for now, enjoy the images. My favorite is the mule in the shot of the V

click above image to view more high-res shots of the Nissan Mixim Concept

Nissan has announced a concept EV, called Mixim, for the Frankfurt Motor Show. The vehicle has four-wheel drive because two sets of motors (called supermotors) are placed on each axis. The batteries are Li-Ion. No information about performance is given in the press release, although they're called "fast" and "endurant".

UPDATE: Official press release added after jump.