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We told you there are concerns Tata Motor's Nano will drive up oil prices. What does Tata chairman Ratan Tata think about this? In the first video below the fold, Ratan laughs it off. We told you Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, former Shell chairman said low MPG cars should be banned. Want to see Mark say that in his Prius? Check out the second video below the fold. We told Mitt Romney said he supported the Governator's right to get a waiver ... then Mitt took it back. Want to see Mitt's first position o

With the field of potential nominees to be the Republican candidate for president this year rapidly dwindling, the front runners at the moment are now hitting the most delegate-heavy states in preparation for next weeks "Super Tuesday" primaries. Twenty-one states will go to the polls next week including California where environmental concerns are one of the big issues. During a debate on CNN on Wednesday evening former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and Senator John McCain both came out in