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New Mitsubishi business plan includes focus on "greener" technology

Mitsubishi has updated their business plan for the next few years and greener cars are a big part of the where the company wants to go. One important element is the desire to release the iMiEV electric car into the marketplace ahead of competitors. The company's forthcoming product plan also includes emphasis on developing clean diesels and dual clutch transmissions. They also want to adapt their mini

Detroit 2008: Mitsubishi Ra live reveal

Along with the new Ralliart, Mitsubishi unveiled their eco-image Concept-RA yesterday at the Detroit Auto Show. Strangely, RA doesn't stand for an ancient Egyptian god nor is it some sort of shorthand for Ralliart, but the two cars do share a few design cues and were without a doubt part of an image package that Mitsubishi is tryin