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The iMiEV, the production car based on the Nissan Mixim, (EDIT: badly worded and wrong), and who knows what other goodies became a little bit more real today with the report in the Nikkei business daily newspaper that Mitsubishi and PSA Peugeot Citroen will work together on electric vehicles. The two companies will share technology, particularly about next-gen lithium-ion batteries. Nikkei said that Mitsubishi will offer PSA information on how best to convert electricity to drive power and how t

Mitsubishi has updated their business plan for the next few years and greener cars are a big part of the where the company wants to go. One important element is the desire to release the iMiEV electric car into the marketplace ahead of competitors. The company's forthcoming product plan also includes emphasis on developing clean diesels and dual clutch transmissions. They also want to adapt their mini-cars to oversea's use and export them globally. Earlier this year, Mitsubishi debuted their Con

The Mitsubishi i MiEV stores energy for propulsion in a lithium ion battery pack that now has twenty to thirty percent more capacity than the last version. The battery is produced by a new joint venture company owned by GS Yuasa and Mitsubishi. With these latest cells, the i MiEV has had its range bumped from 81 miles to about 99-106 miles per charge. The battery company is not exclusive to Mitsubishi and they will make there energy storage systems available to any car-maker that's interested. M