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Mitsubishi releases long-term business plan, Lancer Sportback coming to North America

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Mitsubishi Prototype-S concept.

Geneva '08 Preview: Mitsubishi Prototype S unmasked!

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Detroit 2008: 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart... we're sold

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Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart to have 260 HP engine, Evo IX's AWD

It's been generally accepted that the sales success of the first generation Subaru Impreza WRX caused Mitsubishi to rethink its policy of keeping the Evo off U.S.-bound boats. The Evolution's introduction in the States was quickly followed by the STI's, and all was right in the AWD performance segment. Not quite. Mitsubishi needs a direct competitor to the base WRX and as we've seen Damon Lavrinc

Officially Official: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

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C&D first to drive the slower but faster Mitsubishi Evo GSR

Our pulpy friends over at 2002 Hogback Road have gotten their hands on the latest version of Mitsubishi's Evo, the Evo X. Car and Driver's November 2007 issue has a preview of the Evo X, and they found that while the new car gives up speed to the outgoing model in a drag race, it kicks it in the teeth if curves are on the menu. Any car that can run a 13.8-second quarter mile is not slow, anyway. Consider that you get that kind of speed for a base price of $30,000, and 295 horsepower fro

'X' doesn't mark the spot: Mitsubishi to drop numerical designation on UK Evo

Over nearly two decades, Mitsubishi's Evolution has done exactly what its name implies, with each successive model getting better, and a separate numerical designation affixed to the trunk. However, according to AutoExpress, buyers of the newest Evo in UK will be getting their all-wheel-drive rally rocket bereft of the next Roman numeral, "X" on the boot.

Spy Shots: Mitsubishi EVO X totally uncovered

The Mitsubishi EVO X won't be officially unveiled for a few months, but the next-gen tuner-supreme has been spotted completely in the buff, and the good folks over at Motor Authority have posted the pics for all to see. The captured preproduction EVO X differs very little from the concept shown in Detroit seven months ago, with

Mitsubishi unveils "design study" shots of the production Evo X

Click image for high-res gallery of the new Lancer Evolution X design study

Spy Shots: Mitsubishi EVO X

Hot on the heels of Mr. Baines' video of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X hitting the streets, one of the photogs under the employ of our favorite snapper, Brenda Priddy, was able to catch the new EVO during a rare stationary moment.

Mitsubishi prices 2008 Lancer from $14,615*

The rapidly rebounding Mitsubishi has just announced pricing for its new 2008 Lancer that could help solidify the automakers return to solvency in the U.S. market. The next Lancer will carry a base price of $14,615 for the base DE model with a 5-speed manual and the only engine being offered at the moment, a 2.0L MIVEC four-cylinder producing 152 horsepower. Stepping up to the optional CVT tranny will cost an additional $900 o

Subaru unveiling new Impreza in New York, WRX being dropped

Autocar is reporting that Subaru will volly a strike against Mitsubishi in early April when it debuts the all-new Impreza at the New York Auto Show. The body style will be a five-door hatchback with styling similar to that of the B5 TPH concept that first appeared last year in Tokyo. Power will reportedly come from your choice of a 1.5L or 2.0L flat-four boxer engine. Autocar's shocker is that the popul

VIDEO: Mitsubishi Lancer reveal in Detroit

For those of you that weren't around to witness Mitsubishi's theatrical reveal of the Lancer on January 8th, the webcast from lancerproject.com has been posted on YouTube.

Detroit Auto Show: More on Mitsubishi 50-state turbo-diesel

We're going to be waiting about five years for the $30,000 Tesla sedan; maybe a little less for the Chevy Volt, but Mitsubishi thinks in 2010 people will be clamoring for their clean turbo diesel. Maybe they're right. The diesel announcement is sort of buried under Mitsubishi's headli

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