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KBB names coolest cars under $18k... do you agree?

Kelley Blue Book Top 10 Cars for under $18k – Click above for high-res image gallery

Ralliart announces it is closing its doors... so what does that mean for Mitsubishi?

In a letter issued to its customers, Ralliart, a Japanese high-performance subsidiary of Mitsubishi, has announced that it is closing its doors. The company's business case has apparently faded, a victim of the wilting domestic aftermarket scene as well as its lack of continued motorsports involvement.

Report: Mitsubishi looking to claw back to 100,000 sales in U.S. in three years

2010 Mitsubishi Outlander GT – Click above for high-res image gallery

Euro-only: Mitsubishi Evolution FQ-330 SST

Mitsubishi Evolution X - Click above for a high-res image gallery

Mitsubishi recalls 2008-2009 Lancers and Outlanders over faulty brakes

If you have a 2008-'09 Mitsubishi Lancer or Outlander equipped with an automatic or CVT transmission, listen up – your car may be facing a recall. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is working with the Japanese automaker to recall some 39,711 vehicles that may have problems with their brake boosters.

Officially Official: 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback on sale in U.S. this summer

Click above for high-res image gallery of the 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback Ralliart

EPA docs confirm 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback coming in GTS and Ralliart trims

Click above for a high-res gallery of the 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback Ralliart

Mitsubishi wants to halt U.S. Galant production, switch to small cars for export

Click above for high-res gallery of the 2009 Mitsubishi Galant

Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart priced at $26,490

Click above for a high-res gallery of the 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart.

Rumormill: Mitsubishi readying Lancer Sportback crossover

Sources out of Japan suggest that Mitsubishi is considering offering a jacked-up version of the Lancer Sportback to international markets in 2010. The new model would come equipped with a higher ride height, a restyled fascia and protective body panels similar to those found on the old Subaru Outback and Audi Allroad.

Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart (supposedly) to start under $27k

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart.

Spy Shots: Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback Ralliart sneaks out ahead of Paris show

Click above for more spy shots of the Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart Sportback.

Mitsubishi raising output of World Engine by 35%

The so-called 'World Engine' used by DaimlerChrysler, Hyundai and Mitsubishi as part of their Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance joint venture has given the world such gems as the powerplants in the current Mitsubishi Evolution and Dodge Caliber SRT-4, and will also power the base version of the upcoming Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Although these turbocharged beasts are what make the heart swoon, the bulk of World Engines engines are much more mundane. With fuel efficiency a top priority these days

New York 2008: Mitsubishi Ralliart Sportback a definite maybe

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Mitsubishi Prototype-S.

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