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Hybrid-electric bucket truck pilot program starts in Missouri

The Missouri Department of Transportation is the first government agency to be testing a new diesel-electric bucket truck. The bucket truck, used to lift maintenance workers in the air to install signs, fix traffic signals or replace streetlights, is expected to cut fuel costs and smog-producing emissions in half, while also reducing maintenance costs, reducing noise and providing an alternative power source in emergencies. Traditional bucket trucks require the engine to remain running to operat

Missouri proposes tax break for cars and trucks built in-state

Missouri’s state House passed legislation last week that waived the state’s sales tax on vehicles built within its borders. Supporters hope the tax break will spurn residents to purchase more locally-assembled vehicles, ultimately encouraging automakers to build even more local facilities. Daimler-Chrysler's Chrysler Group, Ford Motor Company and General Motors already have plants in the "Show Me" state.