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British police have an expensive problem. It's not crime and it isn't corruption, it's much worse. The £1 million problem is stupidity. Over the course of three years, UK cops have on 4,709 occasions put the wrong fuel in their police cruisers. That's an average of four cars damaged per day, with damages of £6,500 a week. That's more than $1.6 million USD. Blimey.

The new Range Rover TDV8 is so powerful and so refined, the automaker says, that there is a distinct danger of the driver mistaking it for a gasoline-powered model and using the wrong type of fuel. The theory is that the drivers will simply be awed into delirium by the TDV8's sublime nature and that their memory of any event prior to their visit to the gas station will be effectively erased. We can just imagine the inner dialog taking place at the pump: