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Minnesota's state-owned fleet boosts E85 use by 25%

Our recent coverage of ethanol-related news has been a bit dour, so now we'll shift away from wreaking havoc on the ethanol industry and bounce

One thousand E85 stations now open across America; Minnesota wins!

The National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition announced yesterday that there are now 1,000 gas stations selling E85 in America. Unsurprisingly, if you follow the ethanol scene, the station is in Minnesota, which has almost 300 E85 stations, far more than any other state. The announcement explained where the station is (at 320 3rd Street NW in Bemidji) but tried to make the point that E85 is growing in popularity around the state. Tim Gerlach of the Minnesota E85 Team said, "Frankly, we have had so many

Minnesota sets monthly record for E85 sales

About one-third of the nation's 925 E85 refueling pumps can be found in Minnesota, so it's no surprise that the Gopher

Rapid E85 growth in Minnesota

Minnesota, like many other states, is experiencing rapid increases in the number of gas stations selling E85. Sixty E85 fueling spots have opened this year, with another twenty coming in the next few weeks. By mid-August, there will be 270 places to get E85 in the state. This means that Minnesota "leads in per-capita use of the biofuels, ethanol and biodiesel, and is expanding its E85 fueling network at a tremendous pace. If trends continue, Minnesota motorists will purchase 15 million gallons o