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Video from the Minneapolis Star Tribune shows how Porsche collector Magnus Walker oversteered and fishtailed into a parked semi trailer during a promotional event.


What about St. Paul? That's what some Minnesotans may be asking after Daimler-owned car-sharing service Car2go announced that it will start service in Minneapolis in September. Car2go is putting 300 Smart Fortwo two-seaters into service in Minneapolis, letting subscribers use and park the cars anywhere within the city's 55 square miles. Car2go is also temporarily waiving its $35 membership fee to get folks in the Land 'o Lakes to sign up. Minnesota is the 11th North American locale, and the firs


"Looking for a company you can trust? Look no further!" says the boldface type on Top Gear Autoworks' website, an automotive service, repair and storage shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Not a very wise move, say the local authorities, after recently arresting David Juntunen, the 40-year-old male owner of the shop, and charging him with insurance fraud after an unauthorized – and destructive – late-night joyride in a customer's Lamborghini.

Different cities have had to pay up because their officers accessed Rasmusson's driver's license

Minneapolis has approved paying $392,000 to settle claims by a former police officer who accused other officers of illegally accessing her driver's license information. Anne Marie Rasmusson has now garnered more than $1 million in settlements.


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Buick is on the hunt for a younger demographic and it's hoping to find it with the help of a new social media campaign. Called the "Quest for the Keys", Buick is turning to Facebook, Twitter and a variety of location-based services such as FourSquare and Gowalla, to have social media users hunt online for clues. The clues will be doled out over the course of three weeks before culminating in a one-day offline scavenger hunt.

In an effort to prevent deadly accidents like the collapse of the I-35 bridge in Minneapolis in 2007, a project led by the University of Michigan is developing various sensing systems that will eventually lead to the development of "smart bridges." Most bridge monitoring today is done visually. Unfortunately, this type of human inspection is often unable to determine the structural health of a bridge with regards to the effects of corrosion, heavy loads, or vibrations on the structure over time.

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If Ford decides to broom the company's Highland Park complex in 2008 as rumored, the Twin Cities want to be ready. Instead of Blue Ovals, local officials are thinking Olympic rings.

A Minneapolis, Minnesota area judge has given red-light cameras a taste of their own medicine. Hennepin County District Judge Mark Wernick has put the red light on the county's automated traffic signal cameras installed this past July.