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Rally car driver Guerlain Chichert trained 18 months for attempt

In the French Alps, the perfect backflip is usually attempted by skiers or snowboarders.

The first of many AOL Autos giveaways goes to a deserving pre-med student in Michigan

Earlier this year, AOL Autos announced we'd be giving away a 2012 MINI Countryman as the first part of a new program in we regularly rewards readers for their loyalty and steady readership. Here are the results of the MINI giveaway.

World Rally Team Uses A Production Countryman

Calling a NASCAR racer a "stock" car is a gross overstatement -- they haven't been even remotely stock for several decades. These race cars are purebred, single-seat racing machines that bare only superficial resemblance to their street-going counterparts. Let us count the ways: Under the hood, a Sprint Cup car features carbureted, pushrod V8s that may have once ruled the roost o