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Mitsubishi has updated their business plan for the next few years and greener cars are a big part of the where the company wants to go. One important element is the desire to release the iMiEV electric car into the marketplace ahead of competitors. The company's forthcoming product plan also includes emphasis on developing clean diesels and dual clutch transmissions. They also want to adapt their mini-cars to oversea's use and export them globally. Earlier this year, Mitsubishi debuted their Con

Long before cars got Smart, there were tiny bubble cars made by BMW and others. Back in the 1950s when Germany was still recovering from World War II, BMW built the two seat, one-door Isetta. That single door was on the front of the car and hinged on the driver side. As new European CO2 emissions standards approach, the Munich brand is looking for more efficient models to help offset the thirstier performance cars in their lineup and the Isetta could be revived. Modern safety standards would obv

According to German magazine Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn is working on two parallel low-end car platforms. Both cars are targeted at an entry price-point of €7,000 with one being developed in Germany and the other in Brazil. The Brazilian model would evidently be targeted at emerging markets and could even be built in India.