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Mini battling sales slump again, is it becoming cliché?

Things aren't looking good for Mini this year. The diminutive BMW brand has shown falling sales every month in 2014 in our By the Numbers wrap-ups. If that weren't bad enough, the latest Cooper Hardtop suffered fuel economy issues upon arriving to the US. First, there was Chris Bruce

Mini sells 500,000th car in US

Mini has officially sold 500,000 vehicles in the United States. The achievement came just a few days after the company commemorated its 11th anniversary in America. When the automaker first opened its doors to US buyers in 2002, it sold just 24,590 units. Last year, the automaker moved 66,123 vehicles thanks in part to an expanded lineup that now includes the Clubman, Zach Bowman

MINI forecasting record sales in 2009

Click above for a high-res gallery of the 2009 MINI Cooper S Convertible

MINI dealers abroad asked to create separate stores

Click above for our John Cooper Works MINI and Clubman high-res gallery

Broken record: MINI sales up, HUMMER sales down

After taking a look at Autoblog's By the Numbers post for last month's U.S. sales figures, um, we need a drink. Seriously, it looks really bad. Except for one little bright spot from... drum roll please... MINI, yet again. As has been the case all year, the HUMMER brand was hit the ha

BMW not planning to increase Mini production, may increase price

Proving once again that there are many factors which impact an automaker's plans on how many vehicles to sell is the fact that the U.S. isn't likely to get an additional supply of Minis any time soon. Despite the fact that Mini literally cannot keep enough cars on its

Mini maintains its sales domination, Hummer continues its downward spiral

Every month, our intrepid leader over at Autoblog crunches every automaker's U.S. sales figures and dutifully reports how well each brand is doing. This month continues the trend of fuel efficient vehicles recording record sales and closely mimics the trend of gas-guzzlers going down the toilet. The two brands which best seem to mark the turning of the tides, so to speak, are Mini and Hummer. Mini's