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Mini Countryman configurator powers up

Right on schedule, the German brain trust in charge of marketing the heck out of (and hopefully selling a boatload of...) the 2011 Mini Countryman has uploaded the whole kit 'n kaboodle to the Web, and you are now free to build and price out your very own Mini crossover.

Rumormill: More speculation bubbles up around Mini Moke/Beachcomber/Canyon Coupe models

Mini Beachcomber concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

Mini Roadster leaks out ahead of Frankfurt debut

Mini kicked off its 50th anniversary celebration with a birthday party in Nice, France where a select group of journalists were give an glimpse at Mini's plans for Frankfurt and beyond.

BMW trademarks "Countryman" for Mini crossover name?

MINI Crossover Concept - Click above for a high-res image gallery

BMW trademarks "ActiveE" name for future electric car?

BMW Clever concept - Click above for high-res image gallery

Rumormill: MINI GTI-fighter based on Crossover?

MINI Crossover Concept - Click above for a high-res image gallery

Spy shots: MINI non-Crossman hits the Nurburgring

The promised fourth variant of the MINI is coming soon, likely at the 50th anniversary celebration this August. This new, larger crossover is getting closer to production and that means it needs to go through the now de rigueur prove out on that toughest of all race tracks: the Nurburgring Nordschliefe. Since they are testing at that legendary track it means that MINI engineers are keen to maintain the go-kart handling its siblings are renowned for.

2011 MINI Crossover coming to Frankfurt in production form

Click above for a gallery of the MINI Crossover Concept

BMW's 2009 unveiling schedule?

BMW Blog has trained its spyglass on what it says is a list of BMW rollouts for 2009, and it will begin next month with the brand spankin' new Z4 showcased at the Detroit Auto Show. It is March, though, that will bring year's first real bounty. At Geneva, BMW will be showing off a concept version of the Progress

Spy Shots: MINI SUV/Crossover caught messing with perception

Click above for a high-res gallery of the MINI Crossover

Spy Shots: MINI crossover spotted testing

We got our first look at the MINI's new crossover in concept form at the Paris Motor Show recently and now it has turned up in production prototype form. The car spotted on the street is wearing a black and yellow pattern that looks like it came right out of a sixties acid trip. Nonetheless, it's apparent that the odd-ball door arrangement of the concept has been discarded in favor of a conventional forward-

Spy Shots: Production MINI Crossover spotted!

Beneath all that ridiculous (though pretty darn effective) yellow and black paisley camouflage sits the new MINI Crossover. First shown in concept form at the Paris Motor Show, at 162-inches long, the new MINI CUV is quite a bit larger than its other older stablemates. At what point is a MINI not so mini any more? This could be it, as the spy photographers