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Mindset E-Motion re-emerges with doubly-dense battery claim

Remember the Mindset E-Motion? When last we had news of this Murat Günak creation, the folks behind it (Spirt Avert AG, now known as Mindset Holding AG) were seeking 152 million development dollars at a time when many of the world's major economies were sitting on their posteriors, looking up at the cliff from which they'd fal

Spirit Avert looking to raise $152 million to build mindset EV

Mindset electric car - Click above for a high-res image gallery

Mindset electric car hits the road in style

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Swiss E-Motion hybrid to launch in '09

We last heard of the Mindset electric sportscar in February of this year, so when we saw an update (even just a mild one) of the hybrid car, we decided to share it with you. First, the car's got a name now: E-Motion. Clever, right? 'E' is for electric, we'd imagine, while the Motion part seems pretty self-explanatory. There don't seem to be any real changes made to the body's over