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Remember the Mindset E-Motion? When last we had news of this Murat Günak creation, the folks behind it (Spirt Avert AG, now known as Mindset Holding AG) were seeking 152 million development dollars at a time when many of the world's major economies were sitting on their posteriors, looking up at the cliff from which they'd fallen. Well, the effort survived that turmoil and recently re-emerged boasting a battery tech that claims an energy density that's twice that used in other electric vehi

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We last heard of the Mindset electric sportscar in February of this year, so when we saw an update (even just a mild one) of the hybrid car, we decided to share it with you. First, the car's got a name now: E-Motion. Clever, right? 'E' is for electric, we'd imagine, while the Motion part seems pretty self-explanatory. There don't seem to be any real changes made to the body's overall design, which strikes us as a unique blend of modern Karmann Ghia, especially up front, and the shooting brake sy