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REPORT: Michigan universities returning their electrical vehicles because of poor performance

Three Michigan universities are not happy with their electric vehicle, and want their money back. Actually, two have already returned their EVs, which were purchased on a trial basis, and Central Michigan University would like to do the same.

Miles Automotive removes highway speed electric vehicle from homepage, rebranding coming soon

As you can see in the screen grab above, Miles Automotive's website currently lists two just vehicles: low speed cars and trucks. But, you say, wasn't there a lot of talk about a highway-speed electric vehicle not that long ago (and even quite a while ago)? Indeed there

TTAC not pleased with a 2007 Miles ZX40S

The last time The Truth About Cars got its hands on an all-electric alternative vehicle, it was less than impressed. Now, the site's latest tester is the Miles ZX40S. Will this more practical alternative to the gasoline engine win some favor from TTAC? No, not really. The actual test model procured by the internet rag was an older model from 200

Miles to donate electric car to Ball State University

Last fall, Miles Electric Vehicles and No Gas Required launched a contest for college students to create videos extolling the virtues of alternative fuel vehicles. The winners of the contest would receive a $1,000 scholarship for themselves and their school would receive a Miles ZX40S neighborhood electric vehicle to use. Architecture student Jagjeet Singh Chahal of Ball State University was picked as the winner. On Earth Day (today), Singh will receive his

AutoblogGreen videos: Tesla Motors and Miles Automotive at Green the Capitol Office Expo

Below the fold are two videos of electric car companies that made an appearance at the Green the Capitol Office Expo. The first video is Miles Automotive showing me around their currently available, low speed electric vehicle. The tour of the Miles electric car includes a look at the batteries, plug and interior. Later in the video, I am told they plan to release a highway speed, affor

Miles Automotive tried to stop Tesla from getting "advanced air bag" exemption

Recently, I wrote about a small, public fight between Aptera and Tesla over safety. It was just a few remarks and there are just a handful of electric car companies. Could they actually be fighting each other behind the scenes? Yes, and the fights have apparently gotten really serious. According to Lascelles Linton

Video interview: Miles Automotive on Javlon

We interviewed Miles Automotive about their Javlon electric car in April. They are planning to release a 4-door sedan, highway speed, electric plug-in in just two years. The price? Under $30,000! Below the fold is a video interview with fleet sales manager, I Zion Enos uploaded to Yahoo! videos in May. The interview is 12 minutes and he starts to talk about the Javlon 3 minu

Miles Automotive appoints initial dealer network

Miles Automotive has selected thirty dealers to begin selling their electric cars, including the new full-speed EV that's coming in 2008 called the Javlon. Their current lineup includes a range of low-speed, full-bodied neighborhood electric vehicles. The company hopes to have 190 dealers by the time the high-speed EV goes on sale later in 2008. The target price for the new car is $30,000 and the company hopes to build 18,000 units for the 2009 model year. The top speed of the car will be about

Miles Automotive offers EVs to campus groups

College campuses are one of those ideal locations to use all-electric low-speed vehicles. You don't usually have to go very far, you can't go 70 mph, and there are often a lot of environmentally-aware student groups. So it makes a lot of sense for Miles Automotive to announce today a new partnership with college student groups.

Want to become a Miles Automotive Dealer? You'll need to buy a 45-day supply of EVs

I've sent an email to try and get an exact number for this story, but for right now we'll just work with what the Automotive News (subs req'd) gives us. Diana Kurylko, writing in Automotive News about dealers placing bets on Chinese auto upstarts, explains what two China-made auto distributors – China America Cooperative Automotive Inc. (Chamco Auto) and Miles Automotive Grou

Miles Automotive, Segway and ZENN join EDTA

The Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) grew a little bit larger this week with the inclusion of Miles Automotive Group, Segway, Inc., and the ZENN Motor Company. All of these companies – and the EDTA itself – should be familiar to AutoblogGreen readers and apparently Miles, ZENN and Segway decided it made sense to pay a few thousand dollars to join the EDTA. You can see a

The Top Ten electric vehicles you can buy right now (for the most part)

I think all the news of the Tesla Roadster and the Chevy Volt that came out since last summer has reminded a lot of people that there are some serious contenders to the gasoline engine. The electric vehicle (EV) community certainly thinks 200

Miles Automotive in the 2007 NEV market

Another company adding to the US neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) market with new models is Miles Automotive. NEVs are plug-in electric vehicles that are limited to a top speed of 25 mph and are exempted from many of the regulations that apply to other vehicles. Most of the NEVs available so far have been more like golf carts than what most people would call "real cars." The four door Miles ZX40 has the tall wagon look of many Japanese-market Kei-class cars, and is available in two- and four-

Chinese-made Miles OR70 NEV drawing interest on East Coast

Although it looks like a typical 4-door subcompact car, the Miles OR70 is a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV). In most states it's limited to roads with speed limits of 35 mph or less. Most people equate NEVs with open-air golf carts, but the OR70 is designed with more automotive features and appearance. It also costs more: about $14,800 to $16,900. Miles Automotive is based in Malibu, California, and is promoting the vehicle to East Coast dealers w