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Forget MPG - let's move to GPM

Photo by Laffy4k. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

100 - count 'em - suggestions for hypermiling

Even veteran hypermilers will probably find something worth remembering in this list of 100 ways to increase a vehicle's miles per gallon. Sure, the list starts with the basic, heard-em-before ways to get more distance out of the fuel in the tank of the car you already drive, but how many of you have considered an "ice vest" instead of air conditioning?

Tata's $2,500, 59-mpg offering described as "eco-car," on display in January

New details are coming out about Rs 1-lakh, Tata Group's $2,500 car, and the details are very green. According to the India Times, RA Mashelkar, an independent non-executive director on the Tata Motors board, says the Rs 1-lakh is an "eco-car" and it will get 59 miles per gallon. Here is the exact quote: