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Corvette savant Mike Yager is prepping his Effingham, Illinois-based Mid America Motorworks for a celebration of an American icon. On September 15, the doors to the 18th annual Corvette Funfest will open, and thousands of cars and people will descend upon the grassy destination. This is an important year for fans of the Bowtie brand because the automaker is about to celebrate its 100th birthday.


It's often said that you'll be happy if you find a way to do something you love. Mike Yager took that saying to heart. In 1970, at the age of 20, Yager went out and bought his first Corvette, a 1967 convertible. Four years later, Yager borrowed $500 to start up a small business selling parts manuals and accessories from the back of a car. That business, along with Yager's reputation, grew strong in the Corvette community. In 1976, Mike Yager made a life-changing move to turn this into his full-t

Who says Corvettes drivers don't care about the environment? There seems to be a slight clustering of Corvette-related news on ABG recently - from the Z06 winning the MPG Marathon to the Corvette C6R winning the first ever GT class of the ALMS Green Challenge - and today we bring you a report from the Looking Glass Corvette Club from Highland, Illinois and the Original Corvette Club of St. Louis. These Corvette fans drove on over to Mid America Motorworks in Effingham, Illinois last Sunday. Why