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Bright Automotive will shut down after the maker of the extended-range plug-in utility vehicles said the federal government took too long to make good on its planned loans to the Michigan-based company, the Wall Street Journal reports, citing a letter company executive sent to U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu yesterday.

Ten months after leaving Tesla Motors as its executive VP of engineering, Mike Donoughe has resurfaced at Bright Automotive as its new chief operating officer. Donoughe has been in the auto industry for 28 years with stints at Chrysler and Mercedes-Benz before joining Tesla.

Just over a year after joining Tesla Motors, Mike Donoughe is leaving. Donoughe had served as executive vice president of vehicle engineering and manufacturing for the electric vehicle builder. The former Chrysler executive was brought in to help get the engineering and manufacturing processes sorted out at a time when Tesla was trying to get production of the Roadster increased while at the same time trying to validate an upgraded powertrain with a new transmission. Since that time, Tesla has g

If Tesla has learned anything from the development of the Roadster over the past five years, it's that building a production car that meets present day regulations is a lot harder than anyone in Silicon Valley guessed. The process is filled with all kinds of potholes and having some people on the team with experience navigating those craters can be a big help. During AutoblogGreen's recent conversation with Tesla Chairman Elon Musk, he revealed that the company would have several experienced aut

Until a couple of months ago, Mike Donoughe was a vice president at Chrysler and had been put in charge of the crash program to redesign the automaker's mid-sized sedans. Donoughe left Auburn Hills after 24 years and is now heading west to join Tesla Motors as Executive Vice President for vehicle development and manufacturing. In his new role Donoughe will be responsible for ongoing development and production of the Roadster as well as bringing the new Model S sedan to fruition sooner rather tha

Twenty-four year Chrysler employee Mike Donoughe has left the company after two months in his new post. Named to head Project D in January of this year, the program is creating new mid-sized cars that would replace the Sebring and Avenger and have actually have a chance against the Camcordimabu.