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After sixteen months on the job, Honda is replacing Mike Accavitti as head of the Acura division with senior designer Jon Ikeda to run the premium brand.


Honda has recently taken a few shots directly across the bow, fired from the heavy guns of Consumer Reports. First, CR stated that the 2012 Civic had lost its Recommended Rating. Shortly after that, Consumer Reports went for the knockout by releasing a piece that chronicled what it describes as a decline in Honda's competitiveness. That wouldn't feel good for any automaker, but how does it feel if you just signed on as the new head of marketing?

When some us of think Dodge, we think performance. And that's as it should be. In the past few years, the automaker has blessed us with rides that are wholly American, whether it's the Charger, the Viper or any of the SRT-infused vehicles that roll of the line. So why not build off that image?