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Back in March of 2011, a Valero representative posted this response to a question on a Yahoo! Finance message board:


It's no secret that the writers at Forbes are not fans of plug-in vehicles. What do they suggest we use instead? Burn ethanol, at least if you live in the Midwest.

Corvettes don't float – Click above to watch video after the jump

Indiana turned out to be the fairest one of them all for Honda. The automaker announced that its much-anticipated plant, for which it considered numerous sites in the Midwest, will be built on a 1,700 acre site near Greensburg, Ind. to the tune of $550 million. Honda's sixth North American plant, which will have a capacity of 200,000 vehicles per year, should start production in 2008 and will employ 2,000 people initially.

Farmers in the American Midwest have a responsibility to grow produce. For years they've been turning out millions of pounds of corn and soybeans and wheat. Today, of course, they also play a key role in the production of much of the ethanol produced in this country. And, as this article in Motor Trend points out, they're users and producers of ethanol, and have been for years.