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There have been rumors that Ford CEO Alan Mulally could assume the top job over at Microsoft, whose CEO, Steve Ballmer, will retire within the year. Mulally hasn't come out and said that he's considering moving to Microsoft after (or before) his contract with Ford through 2014 ends, but sources in the know say he's the front-runner to become the tech giant's CEO and has opened up to the idea more in recent weeks, AllThingsD reports.

Hands on with MyFord Touch and SYNC App Ecosystem – Click above for high-res image gallery

Infotainment systems have taken off over the past couple of years, and Microsoft is looking to keep the momentum going with an upgrade to its Microsoft Auto software. Version 4.0 will add the ability to control a vehicle's entire stereo as well as its communication system. This way, only one piece of hardware will be needed to perform both tasks where it currently requires two. The software launches in the Spring and should save big bucks for OEM that adopt it.