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Dongfeng Fengshen E30 electric vehicle coming to China next year?

While China's third-largest automotive group, Donfeng Motors, had been gearing up to produce mass quantities of electric cars by early 2012, the reality has been more of a hodgepodge of decisions. There's been a joint venture with Nissan to build a rebadged Jon LeSage

Honda drops full details about incredibly adorable N-One

Honda Japan has dropped all of the savory details about its new Kei car, the cute 'n cuddly N-One.

Chevy Announces All-Electric Spark EV Mini-Car

Chevy has announced an all-electric version of their forthcoming Spark mini-car, for sale in select domestic and worldwide markets beginning in 2013. California is the only region specifically confirmed in the press release from General Motors.

Peel looking to reintroduce world's smallest car [w/video]

Peel P-50 and Trident pose with a Rolls-Royce – Click above for high-res image gallery

Peel looking to reintroduce world's smallest car [w/video]

Peel P-50 and Trident pose with a Rolls-Royce – Click above for high-res image gallery

Report: Renault and Mercedes to team up on small car platform

Renault Twizzy ZE concept - click above for high-res image gallery

Downer of the Day: Chevy Beat not coming to U.S.

Click above for more live shots of the Chevy Beat concept

Nissan/Renault considering Nano competitor for India

Countries like China and India are a hotbed for the auto industry, and every major automaker is looking to improve its standing in the emerging markets while they're still on the ground floor. Low-cost micro cars are all the rage in the East, and Nissan/Renault is looking into getting a piece of that action by producing a Nano fighter. Nissan Motor India Director Neeraj Garg told The Times of India<

Nissan 360: the Cube

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Nissan Cube.

Could you live with a tiny car?

If the thought of riding around town on a scooter scares you, or if you just could not imagine not having a roof over your head, perhaps you could use a microcar like one of these. Cars like these used to be rather common sights on the roads in Europe. In fact, we showed you a gallery some time ago which highlighted some of the very small cars that Jeremy Korzeniewski

AN says Chrysler needs a small car, but not from Chery

Micro cars are the hot new(ish) segment across the pond right now, and any mass-market car company that isn't in on the business should be. Recall that Chrysler is having talks with Chinese automaker Chery to collaborate on a new car for said segment, focusing on the Hornet con

Is this a prototype for a new Toyota Smart competitor?

Peugeot 107 near Ann Arbor, click for high-res gallery

Toyota Aygo may make it to U.S.

Why you ask? They already have the Yaris taking care of the B-segment market, why on earth would they want to import something even smaller? One word: SMART.