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It's no secret that Ford is shifting production capability of its plants from large vehicles to smaller, more sensible rides. Workers at the Michigan Truck Plant, long the birthplace of the Expedition and Lincoln Navigator SUVs, produced their last vehicle of the behemoth variety today at 1:30 in the afternoon. The plant will now be shut down and retooled - at a cost of $75 million - to build small, fuel-efficient C-Cars (think Ford Focus) starting in 2010.

Ford's product transformation to small cars is beginning with a big investment in the Michigan Truck Plant. The plant in the Detroit suburb of Wayne has been building the full-size Expedition and Lincoln Navigator SUVs for the last decade but it's currently in the final week of an 11-week shutdown. Ford recently announced the plant would be retooled to build C-cars in 2010. C-cars are compacts like the Ford Focus and the company has announced that several different variants derived from the next