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As was reported earlier, Michael Schumacher made an appearance racing on a Honda at the Oschersleben circuit of the German Superbike Championship last weekend. On the surface, his twenty-eighth place finish seems rather disappointing, but upon further examination, it was a pretty good weekend overall for the ex-Formula 1 champ. Technical issues kept Schumacher from starting well, with only two racers behind him at position thirty-seven on the grid. Finishing all the way up to number 28 in the fi

Seven-time Formula 1 racing champion Michael Schumacher will be racing this weekend on a Honda CBR1000RR at the IDM International German Motorbike Championship. There are rumors that he'll be racing under a false name, Marcel Niederhausen. Now that the cat is officially out of the bag, so to speak, he may as well skip the alias. Schumacher will race alongside current champion Martin Bauer for Holzhauer Racing.

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2007 was a year of major transition for the Ferrari Formula One team. Seven-time champion Michael Schumacher had finally retired, long-time Technical Director Ross Brawn was on a sabbatical and team boss Jean Todt was looking to relinquish his control of the team as well. Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo promoted Todt to CEO of the entire Ferrari operation in 2006. Todt held extensive discussions with Brawn about taking over his job, but Brawn ultimately decided to move over to Honda taking