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Michael Dunlop resets Isle of Man lap record during Senior TT

Michael Dunlop broke his own record during the 2016 Senior TT on the Snaefell Mountain Course at 16:53.929, with an average speed of 133.962.

Isle of Man TT record is the fastest 17 minutes of your life

Michael Dunlop's blistering pace isn't for the squeamish.

Michael Dunlop's record-breaking run around the Isle of Man TT circuit is a true demonstration of speed, insanity, and even more speed.

Michael Dunlop sets new race and lap records at Isle of Man

Michael Dunlop is officially the fastest man at the Isle of Man.

Watch a full lap of the Isle of Man TT with Michael Dunlop on board

The Isle of Man TT is one of the world's last great races held public roads that hasn't been sanitized in any way. Motorcycles barrel through quaint villages at max speed in a way that is hardly believable in today's much safer world of racing. And this isn't just through a few miles downtown – a single lap takes the fastest classes over 17 minutes.