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Police: Trucker on drugs drives coast-to-coast in one sitting

He'd used cocaine, LSD, meth, officers say.

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.

Son Turns Mother In For Making Meth In Car

Child showed landlord “mommy’s bad stuff in her car”

A Florida mom was arrested Friday after her young son showed their landlord the makeshift meth lab in the trunk of her car.

Kentucky couple accused of swapping '99 Dodge Dakota for newborn

A Kentucky couple face up to 20 years in jail for trading their used pickup for a baby.

Ex-NASCAR racer Jeremy Mayfield busted on meth charges

Former NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield is back in the news for all the wrong reasons again. Back in 2009, Mayfield was suspended indefinitely from NASCAR after testing positive for methamphetamine. Twice. Now the driver is in trouble with drugs again, as CBS News reports that Mayfield has been arrested on meth charges.

REPORT: NASCAR racer Jeremy Mayfield tests positive for meth

After being the first driver suspended for substance abuse under NASCAR's new drug policy, the sport's governing body has confirmed Jeremy Mayfield tested positive for methamphetamines on May 1.