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The best part about Christmas falling on a Wednesday? It means we get an extra day off. But seriously, folks, we here at Autoblog want to take a moment to wish you a very, very Merry Christmas. And if the Santa-filled holiday isn't your thing, consider this our way of saying Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah, or really, Happy Day Off.

We'd like to take a moment to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas from the team at Autoblog! We hope that your Yuletide is filled with surprise and delight, loved ones and friends, food and drink and safe travels wherever you're going. (A fun car on a twisty road to Grandma's house wouldn't go amiss, either.)


It isn't that uncommon for people to pick up second jobs during the holidays to help relieve some of the financial stress, but apparently our automaton friends feel the fiscal pinch this time of year, too. A handful of General Motors assembly line robots are picking up some extra shifts at Santa's workshop this year wrapping presents.


Like so many of you, we're spending the holidays with family and friends. Regardless, we've got a few posts scheduled for you the rest of today and tomorrow; the normal daily grind resumes on Tuesday. You'll be hard-pressed to find two better links to peruse and read in your downtime today, however, then the ones we're about to show you.

It's the holiday season once again, and we here at Autoblog send our best wishes to all of you during this especially festive time of year. Like you, we'll be spending plenty of quality time with our family and friends, but never fear, we've got a whole weekend's worth of content lined up before we're back in full force on Monday.

Custom Lego 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 Convertible by Lino M. Click here to see additional shots.