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REPORT: Ford poised to overtake GM as America's top-selling automaker

2010 Ford Mustang – Click above for high-res image gallery

Porsche takes a $47b loan out to bid for VW

What's it take to purchase a controlling stake in Volkswagen? Reuters' reports contacted all the major institutions involved in the deal and came up with 35 billion euros, or $46.47 billion US. To give Porsche the required 30.94-percent of shares, the guys and gals in Stuttgart have tapped ABN AMRO, Barclays Capital, Commerzbank Merrill Lynch and UBS to arrange the purchase.

General Motors getting vehicles to market faster

One common complaint about General Motors in the past has been the amount of time it took the company to develop vehicles and get them to market. A recent study, however, shows that GM is certainly turning that around. The company is expected to tie Toyota Motor Corp. in "showroom age," which represents how new its showroom lineup is. The showroom age of each will be around 2.8 years by 2010. Chrysler is currently faring even better with 2.4 years to market.