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2008 Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner priced below outgoing models

Today Ford announced pricing for both of its redesigned compact sport utility vehicles, the 2008 Ford Escape and 2008 Mercury Mariner. The Escape will start at $19,245, including $665 for destination charges, which is $740 less than the base price of the current model. The Mariner begins at $21,345, again including $665 for destination, which is $460 less than the current model. Across each lineup, Escape prices will drop an average of $1,100 and Mariner prices $1,300. The hybrid versions of eac

Spy Shots: 2008 Ford Escape

Wow. One of Ford's employees made it way to easy for KGP's shooter to snap a shot of the new Escape in the buff. Seen in a parking lot in the Detroit area, Ford's redesigned soft-roader gets a more butch nose and, surprisingly, doesn't don the three-bar grille that's infecting all of Ford's recent offerings. The nose is decidedly Expedition-esque, with the rest of the body offering little departure from its big brother, the Mercury Mariner.

Presidential Mariner Hybrid

"We have always found a way to clean the environment and grow the economy at the same time. And when it comes to global warming, we'll do it again." Former President Bill Clinton takes his own words, spoken in the 1998 State of the Union Address, to heart as he gives up his Secret Service issued SUV for a Mariner Hybrid.

2006 Mercury Mariner Hybrid: In the Autobloggreen garage, Day 3-4

For our second installment of the Mercury Mariner Hybrid review, we'll be spending some more time inside the car, and driving the car. For the average sized family, the compact Mariner SUV should be adequately spacious. Even if you are over 6 feet, and you are sitting behind a tall driver, you should have sufficient space in the car. If you are moving down from a full size SUV, you'll have to leave the second cooler full of your favorite beverages home when embarking on your next family vacation

2006 Mercury Mariner Hybrid: In the Autobloggreen garage, Day 1-2

The first car to show up in the AutoBlogGreen garage for a few days was a 2006 Mercury Mariner Hybrid, the slightly more upscale cousin of the Ford Escape Hybrid. The Mariner Hybrid didn't earn its spot in the ABG garage because of its luxury features, however. The main reason for us having a closer look at the car is the 133-hp Atkinson cycle inline four cylinder engine, combined with a 94-hp electric motor powered by 250 1.3-volt nickel-metal hydride D-cells. The hybrid powertrain in this Merc

New England Aquarium to raffle off Mercury Mariner Hybrid

Like fish? How about hybrid vehicles? Now you can throw money at both by buying a $25 raffle ticket in support of the New England Aquarium. The Aquarium is selling 4,000 raffle tickets and will use the estimated $90,000 (if all tickets are sold) net proceeds to further the aquarium's mission of "presenting, protecting and promoting the world of water". You can buy a ticket online. As Sebastian Blanco

Full, Assist, or Mild: Which Hybrid is for You?

So, you've been stuck with the same 1996 Chevy for the last ten years, and it's finally time to donate your car to charity and move up to something more modern. You're considering buying a hybrid car, but which one? Hybrid technology has been exploited by some bandwagon car manufacturers, and therefore, not all hybrids are the same. Some hybrids have great gas mileage, while others barely do any better than their gasoline-only counterparts. How do you know what's what?

Mazda names Laurens Van den Acker new design chief

Mazda has a new styling chief. Dutchman Laurens Van den Acker will be putting the rather cumbersome appliqué "General Manager of the Design Division of Mazda Motor Corporation" on his office door, replacing Moray Callum (design head since 2001) who has been appointed to Ford's automotive design director post.

Ford announces zero-percent financing on Escape/Mariner hybrids

Ford Motor Company announced Thursday that it is rolling out a zero-percent financing incentive program for its Escape and Mariner Hybrids.

Mazda Tribute hybrid prototypes fight fires

Mazda Motors donated ten of its hybrid Tribute prototypes to the Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA) at the organization's headquarters in Irvine, California. The Ford subsidiary will eventually donate a total of thirty hybrid Tributes among various fire agencies in the Golden State.

Blue Oval awards Mercury Mariner Hybrid to Cleveland Police

Ford Motor Company has awarded the Cleveland Police Department with keys to its very own Mariner Hybrid. The force won the car as a result of a campaign designed by Ford and implemented by 11 police forces around the country to help boost public awareness of green technology and fuel-efficiency.

Mazda icing Tribute for 2007

There will be no 2007 model year Mazda Tribute for U.S. consumers. The Blue Oval subsidiary's Escape/Mercury Mariner doppelganger will go on sabbatical from May on through the end of the year, though the move will reportedly not alter production levels (or employment) at the automaker's Claycomo, Kansas plant.

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