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Spy Shots: Mercedes-Benz C-Class coupe snagged testing

Mercedes C-Class Coupe prototype – Click above for high-res image gallery

Mercedes mulling blown four-cylinder for C-Class in the States

When the C-Class predecessor launched, it was known as the 190 and carried a four-cylinder powerplant underhood. Mercedes is now considering a return to four-pots in the U.S. market as the price of fuel continues to soar. MBZ is reportedly already testing a 1.4-liter carrying a supercharger, which is strange when you consider there's already a 1.8-liter blown four-cylinder on sale in Europe. The C180 Kompressor seems like it'd be the easy way to get fours back into the U.S. lineup, but Mercedes

VIDEO: Hyundai Genesis Super Bowl ads

click above image to view Hyundai's Super Bowl commercials

Spy Shot: 2008 C-Class Estate

World Car Fans has a new round of C-Class Estate spy shots, this time with even less camo. This batch of photos reveals almost the entire car except for the rear, where plastic obscures the details. Mercedes engineers even seem to have cooperated with the photographer, parking a C-Class sedan next to the Estate for comparison. As you mig