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Last week, we wrote about Mercedes move to bring BlueTEC SUVs to the U.S. Today, Benz announced that these large diesels have been approved for licensing in all 50 states. What this means is that no matter where you are in the U.S., you'll be able to buy one of these SUVs with AdBlue injection - the R 320 BlueTEC, the ML 320 BlueTEC and the GL 320 BlueTEC - when they're released this fall. While the mileage numbers of these diesels aren't astounding - 18 mpg in the city / 24 on the highway (17/2

Just over nine thousand Mercedes-Benz diesels from the 2007 model year have a potentially faulty crankshaft sensor. Mercedes-Benz USA therefore issued a recall of 9,004 vehicles last including E320s, GL320s, R320s and ML320s. Should the sensor fail as the cars are moving, "the vehicle may lose power rather than enter a limp-home mode. in addition, the vehicle cannot be restarted after failure of the electrical connection in the sensor, increasing the risk of a crash," the National Highway Traff