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Mercedes-AMG E63 S claims fastest Nurburgring wagon lap time

It hauls stuff and, well, you know ...

It was roughly 13 seconds faster than the previous holder.

Mercedes-AMG looks to be testing an even hotter E63 wagon

Just look at those hips.

Is this a new variant or just testing components for another car?

Mercedes-AMG E63 sedan and wagon caught nearly camo-free

Mercedes-AMG's next super sedan is almost ready for production.

With around 600 horsepower from a 4.0-liter, twin-turbo V8, the Mercedes-AMG E63's looks have a lot to live up to. But based on this video, we think it'll be okay.

Spy Shots
Mercedes-AMG E63 spotted wagon its tail

Mercedes has been spotted testing its latest four-door performance wagon in the form of the forthcoming AMG E63 wagon, with a powerful front end hinting at the muscle to be found underneath.