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The purchase of NICE Car company by French NEV Facturer Aixam has resulted in the e-City Pro Electric Car. The car is a stripped-down version of the Mega e-City, and is priced at £10,131 plus tax (deductible if the car is for professional use). The model, which has no power windows, no alloy wheels. no radio, and no rear wiper, is sold in white, for companies and institutions to paint in their own colors. Lawrence Holland, general manager of Aixam Mega in the UK, said: "By cutting back on

Now that the city of London has voted out "red Ken" in favor of Conservative candidate Boris Johnson, it is expected that the congestion charge scheme may undergo some changes. One electric car company, NICE (No Internal Combustion Engine), is showing no fear and is sounding positive about the future with their new mayor. They are even predicting increased business in the coming year. Julian Wilford, co-founder of the London-based company, states, "We know that Boris recognises the many benefits