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Autocar is reporting that Mercedes-Benz is hard at work on a competitor to the BMW MegaCity. According to the report, MB is currently putting its designers to work to come up with suitable styling studies for an alternative-fuel city car. Currently, the project is said to be operating under the working title "Mega City Mobility," though there's no telling what, if anything, will land on the production line as a result of the project. Autocar says that Mercedes-Benz intends to answer vehicles lik

BMW's concept for "sustainable" urban driving took a couple of steps closer toward reality earlier this month, when the Bavarian automaker offered up more details for its all-electric Megacity car during a technology conference in Munich. The four-passenger MCV is still in development but sketches released by BMW's chief designer, Adrian van Hooydonk, show a knife-like shape with very short overhangs and a windshield raked nearly to the headlamps. It's reminiscent of the horizontal lines of VW's

2011 BMW 5 Series – Click above for high-res image gallery

Rumors of a front-wheel drive model to slot in below the 1 Series have been circulating for some time, with the most recent report coming last October. Now, Autocar has confirmed with BMW's chairman, Norbert Reithofe, that an all-new model is coming from the automaker, designed to compete with the recently introduced Audi A1 and built atop the next generation Mini's platform.

Perhaps it was because of a downturn in sales. Or maybe it was an overstreched expansion plan. Whatever the reason, the UK's NICE Car Company went into "administration" last November and since then, owners and prospective electric car buyers have been wondering what the final outcome would be. Well, now we know. Aixam Mega, who supplied NICE with their Mega City (above), has snapped up the company's assets and will continue to run the London sales office. According to the company's UK general ma

The biggest shopping center in all of Europe opens today in London and one of the 265 retail spaces will belong to the NICE Car Company. If you happen to make it to the Westfield Shopping Center at Shepards Bush you can check out the Mega City and the MyCar (above) at their stand located on the ground floor by the Wood Lane tube entrance. You can even book a test drive in one of the all-electrics if you so desire. NICE co-founder Julian Wilford is, expectedly, pretty happy about the expansion wh

Residents of Radnor Park in Clydebank, Scotland have a new transportation alternative in the form of three new cars to share amongst themselves. And although the car-sharing arrangement does require them to pay a fee of £5 for a day's worth of car time, they won't need to worry about paying for petrol or polluting their fair city since the vehicles in question are all-electric Mega Citys. What about the "long tailpipe" that's potentially leads back to a coal-fired power plant? Not to worry

The NICE (No Internal Combustion Engine) car company unveiled the MEGA City electric car this week at the British Motor Show.