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Chevrolet launches production of medium-duty Silverado pickups

Chevy returns to the commercial-truck segment after nearly a decade

Chevy returns to the commercial-truck segment after nearly a decade.

2019 Chevy Silverado medium-duty commercial trucks revealed

Chevrolet returns to the really big truck game

These trucks boast some interesting new features.

GM and Isuzu to partner for medium-duty commercial truck

Chevrolet is returning to the medium-duty truck market in 2016 with several versions of the Isuzu's N-Series models.

Medium-duty truck fuel regulations under legal fire

A legal firm representing a small group of construction companies, dump truck operators, and contractors has filed suit to block new fuel economy standards for medium-duty trucks.

Report: EPA poised to outline medium- and heavy-duty truck emissions standards

The EPA appears to be close to releasing its proposal for medium and heavy-duty truck fuel economy standards. As you may remember, the Obama Administration called for the first-ever standards for large work vehicles earlier this year. According to The New York Times, a spokesperson with the EPA has said that the initial proposal will be out soon. Analysts had expected the numbers to show up this week, but that's looking less and less likely

Navistar not going to buy GM's medium duty truck business

It's an epic poem that could have been written by Byron: you suffered a nasty breakup and met a new girl, you dated for a while, things were looking outstanding, you proposed... and then the bottom dropped out of the medium-duty truck business. We've seen it all before. And now that it's happened, Navistar has backed away from it's non-binding commitment to purchase GM's medium-duty truck operations.