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MDI's AIRPod coming to New Zealand

Looking like just about every other three-wheeled, joystick-controlled, compressed air-driven car we've ever seen, the AIRPod by MDI will be available to lease in New Zealand soon. MDI has an agreement with IndraNet Technologies to market them in the land of the M?ori and, according to an article in the New Zealand Herald, they could be arrivi

2008 New York Auto Show video preview: some of the teams in the Auto X-Prize

One thing we are really looking forward to at the New York Auto Show is the official start of the Auto X-Prize, a contest to build a 100 MPGe car with a multi-million dollar prize. At the Detroit Auto Show, the X-Prize people and some of the teams had car models on display (see video below the

Air Car coming to America by 2009-2010, will cost $17,800

According to Green Business, the Air Car will arrive in the US by 2009 or 2010, courtesy of Zero Pollution Motors. The quirky alt-propulsion vehicle's anticipated $17,800 price tag includes standard safety equipment like airbags and ABS, alon

Air Car will be released this year thanks to $30 million from Tata

According to Climate Change Corp, the Air Car will be released this year thanks to a $30,000,000 investment from Tata. Months ago, we told you about reports in The Age newspaper and BBC News that MD

Interview puts 2008 release date of MDI's Air Car in doubt

Recently, I posted a video of a BBC News report with the exciting news MDI would release their compressed powered air car in 2008. I assumed such an early release was largely due to Tata's connection to MDI but according the Mumbai Mirror, Lascelles Linton

A new agreement between Tata Motors and MDI bring the air-car closer to reality

We have shown you the air-car before, and you may have seen it on TV if you watched the Discovery Channel series, Jeremy Korzeniewski