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Configuring a car online is so pedestrian

No supercar better demonstrates this trend than the McLaren Senna. And, it just so happens, McLaren invited Autoblog to Beverly hills to roleplay as one of the 15 LA-area residents who bought Sennas. I'd be assisted in the act by two MSO Bespoke Liaison Managers – Katie Newell and Emily Monk – who were on an international jaunt shepherding actual buyers through the process.


The track-only supercar competition just got a zillion degrees hotter


McLaren has expectations that batteries aren't ready to fulfill

It emerged last December that McLaren had built an all-electric testbed for a future EV supercar, to go along with the English automaker's $1.4 billion investment in electrified powertrains. At the time, all the company would say was there was "still quite a journey" to making a sellable product due to battery constraints. Speaking to Wheels magazine, Jens Ludmann, COO at McLaren Automotive, put numbers to the carmaker's quest, saying, "[The] Senna has 800 PS on 1200kg, that's about the power to


McLaren’s track-only supercar costs $1.4 million per copy, only 75 to be built.

More power, more grip and more downforce. More speed!


What else does McLaren have in store for us in Switzerland?

McLaren will also offer the ultra-lightweight MSO 7-Spoke Hybrid Carbon Fiber wheels as an option.


Despite its looks, this hero car is a sell-out success.

For all its functional brutality, McLaren wants you to know that the Senna is designed to engage at an emotional level, too, even at road speeds.


It raised $2.67 million for a nonprofit named for the late McLaren F1 driver Ayrton Senna.

It raised $2.67 million for a nonprofit named for the late McLaren F1 driver Ayrton Senna.