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Naturally, they're red and white with maple leaves

McLaren's MSO custom division seems to stay quite busy. Every few months they seem to have a new special configuration to offer buyers. Sometimes they're a bit silly or unimpressive, but other times they create something really unique and cool. This McLaren 570S Spider falls into the latter category. It's called the Canada Commission, and the company will build just five of them exclusively for our northern neighbors.


It might be cheaper to hit the gym to shave a few pounds

The McLaren 570S Spider is one of the most versatile sports cars around. It's fast, comfortable and practical, but it's slightly less capable from the factory than its fixed-roof brethren. McLaren is changing that with a new lightweight track pack. It's similar to the one on the 570S Coupe and shaves nearly 73 pounds from the car. That said, at more than $24,000, it's not exactly the cheapest way to go on a diet.


Winter is coming, but your McLaren can keep going

Major respect to anyone who does this.

First Drive

McLaren’s new convertible gains wind, gives up nothing.

It's a starter supercar you can live with.


The automaker posted its fourth consecutive year of profitability.


Autocar says the 570S will get a Spider version next year and a GT bodystyle after that. What's still not clear is how the luggage area will be configured.