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Ford using McDonald's coffee bean skin in car parts

Cars and coffee go together like ... bean skin?

Car Set On Fire In Fast Food Argument

Woman threatened to 'blow it up' before setting blaze

A woman set a car on fire after an argument over ice cream early Sunday morning in a McDonald's parking lot in Jacksonville, Fla.

McDonald's to use its deep-fryer oil to fuel delivery trucks in UAE

Over in the United Arab Emirates, McDonald's will fuel up its delivery trucks with waste oil from its own deep fryers. This is not the first time that McDonald's has turned to its own vats of grease for fuel and likely won't be the last.

West Virgina McDonald's to feature 2 plug-in charging stations

The celebration of the grand opening of a McDonald's fast-food restaurant is not exactly worthy of recognition. With at least 12,392 McDonald's franchises operating in the U.S. alone, the opening of one additional store in Huntington, West Virginia would usually go unnoticed, especially by the green car media. Not this time.

McDonald's in North Carolina adds EV charging point

About a decade ago, a lone McDonald's in Phoenix, Arizona installed an electric car charging station in the hopes that one day consumers would be driving to its store on electrons in lieu of fossil fuels. A decade has since passed and most of us still pump dead dinos into our tanks, but at least one McDonald's franchise in Cary, North Carolina is taking another look at electric car charging points.

Swedish McDonald's might offer plug-in hybrid stations soon

A book I read a long time ago about the rise of McDonald's in America explained that what Ray Kroc was really interested in was real estate, not hamburgers. The idea being that if you made your food available absolutely everywhere, then you would always be an option for people when they got hungry. Since there are now so many McDonald's restaurants, it makes sense that plug-in vehicle proponents in Sweden are gearing up to use all those acres of parking lots for PHEV charging stations. Sebastian Blanco

Manila Police to use WVO from McDonalds

Police in Manila, the capitol city of the Philippines, have taken up a cool new effort in order to save some green, though they will be spreading some green in the process. It seems that the Police force will be converting its cruisers to run on a mixture of waste vegetable oil (WVO) and diesel fuel. The oil in question will be donated by McDonalds. Other local area restaurants are also considering making similar donations. So far, just one vehicle has had the conversion done, though more are li

Panamericana 2006 gets on the road

Apparently, the biodiesel-powered trip from Alaska to the southern tip of South America did start on time last week (see previous posts here and here). The first few daily diary posts are up on the Panamericana 2006 Sebastian Blanco

Man or Astroman? bass player does biodiesel

Man or Astroman? was a popular indie band in the mid- and late 1990s. Moving on from their tales of intergalactic alien takeovers, one of the band members, Robert del Bueno has become a staunch promoter of DIY biodiesel, and Archive.org has a great 5-minute movie on del Bueno and his biodiesel-making process. The clip is short and sweet, and really shows how an average guy (even rock stars from other planets, wh