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Ethanol industry claims victory as McCain withdraws amendment against blender pump subsidies

The ethanol industry is claiming victory with its stoppage of John McCain's (R-AZ) amendment to an agriculture appropriations bill that would've prevented the government from subsidizing E85 blender pumps.

John McCain gives ethanol blender pump subsidies a big 'no'

Back in April, the Obama administration announced that it will offer incentives to gasoline stations that install E85 (a fuel consisting of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline) blender pumps. This proposal, according to Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, was put forth in an effort to get 10,000 additional E85 pumps in

Obama a BMW, McCain a Ford

Being a Democrat or Republican is like being a Ford fan or Chevy supporter. While there are undecideds who might choose a Mustang or Camaro based on their spec sheets alone, most us already know where our allegiance lies and will defend our choice regardless. The analogy between your political party and pony car preference just got a little more interesting thanks to a study by Landor Associates and research firm Penn, Schoen and Berland. They issued a survey asking respondents to compare the to

Did you know McCain owns three GEM EVs?

Maybe this is why John McCain is so gung-ho for better automotive batteries. According to a fluffy piece of reporting by Newsweek, the McCain family owns three GEM electric vehicles. Newsweek wanted to find out how many cars each of the two major party presidential candidates owns, and found out that McCain has 13 and Obama just one. As

Obama a Prius? Palin a Camaro? Politics get revved up

We try to stay out of politics here at Autoblog, but sometimes, events obligate us to jump into the fray. The latest event is a Harvard Business School professor's comparison of the two leading presidential candidates to automobiles.

Which cars would a President Obama or McCain promote?

Apparently, Marty Padgett and Bengt Halvorson over at The Car Connection had a little extra time over the weekend. As part of the political frenzy being created thanks to the national party conventions happening over the next two weeks, the automotive website has taken it upon itself to predict which types of vehicles will become more popular depending on who is president of the U.S. starting in January. Their take? A President Barack Obama would promote diesel pickups, the Honda Accord diesel,

Will the Real Green Car Advocate Please Stand Up?

Both Senators McCain and Obama have expressed support towards the development of alternative fuel and vehicle technologies - but which candidate has the best green car platform? The Christian Science Monitor brought together five clean energy experts to assess each candidate's platform. Here's where the candidates stand:

John McCain doesn't know how much gas costs

Considering all of the press that has been inked (or typed) regarding both John McCain's and Barrack Obama's various plans for the ailing automotive industry in America, you may think that the two hopeful presidential candidates would be in tune with the plight of the average driver who fills

Obama to Detroit: What do you need? Detroit to Obama: Money.

The two major U.S. presidential candidates, Barrack Obama and John McCain, have both expressed an interest in investing Federal money into green automotive technology. Although both men have differing ideas about what may be the best way to move forward, it's becoming clear that green automoti

Automotive X Prize says McCain's $300m battery prize needs more work

John McCain's (R) call for a $300 million prize for better automotive battery is still making waves. The latest to raise a voice are the people who are already offering some prize money for cleaner cars: the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE. Of course, the AXP is a much

Is John McCain's $300m battery prize a good idea? Pelosi chimes in

Republican presidential candidate John McCain has come out swinging RE energy issues these last few days, with the two big stories for us being the $300m battery prize money and all that talk about nuclear. Of course, the Democrats can't let all these ideas go un-remarked upon,

Sen. McCain proposes $300m prize for a better battery

Petroleum prices are making electric vehicles and engines which run on biofuels look more and more attractive with each passing day. That's why its likely to be a hot topic this election season as each presidential candidate sets out his own unique proposals to ease the country into a new era of lower fuel consumption. Biofuels may be the quickest path to lower petroleum usage, but it's electric vehicles which present the biggest step forward in clean auto technology looking forward.

McCain will discuss environmental policy specifics today

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Gas tax debate continues unabated, Hillary tries to defend herself

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McCain calls for summer holiday from federal gas tax

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Cars and Candidates: GOP prospects stop by the Detroit Auto Show

Click image for a gallery of politicos at the Detroit Auto Show