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The new Mazda2 has been a sport success for Mazda, selling almost 40,000 copies as of April since hitting the showrooms last October. A three-door version (above) was announced back in January and is now available to European customers. A 1.4 litre diesel engine is now also an option across the Mazda2 range and is cleaner and more efficient than the MZR gas engines. According to Mazda's own numbers (read them after the break), the breakdown goes like this:

The proposed changes to the London congestion charge that would change it from a fixed charge to one based on emissions could prove a boon to small diesel engined cars, and Mazda like that possibility. Mazda had been projecting that only ten percent of buyers for the new Mazda2 would select the 1.4L diesel. However if the new changes occur, cars that emit less than 120g/km of CO2 would be exempt from the charges while bigger, thirstier machines could end up paying as much as £25 per day (