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I like the Ryuga. I don't know if I'd ever want to own one, but I like the way it looks. And, while it's certainly one of Mazda's big reveals this week, they are not hyping the green aspect of the Ryuga as much as they are of the Tribute SUV hybrid. Perhaps since the Ryuga is just a concept, they're focusing on the design. The Ryuga press release (which you can read after the jump) has one line about the E85 flex fuel engine that might go in the Ryuga: "an E85/Gasoline FLEX FUEL engine which run

In an event scheduled for right about now, Mazda will unveil the new Ryuga concept vehicle (along with the new Tribute hybrid we already know a lot about). The press release for this car places the Ryuga (pronounced: ree-yoo-ga) with Mazda's Nagare/flow concept. Well, with but also above. The Ryuga will "higher level of sophistication through the use of rich fabrics, engineered fits and hidden details," Mazda says. I say fine, but what's cool about the Ryuga is that Mazda has conceptualized the