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Mazda Hydrogen RX-8 - Click for a high res gallery

It's a long way from Japan to Norway, but Mazda's RX-8 Hydrogen RE recently made the trip. Mazda displayed the car at the opening of Norway's first hydrogen filling station near Stavanger. It was the first time the rotary-engine vehicle was officially on display outside of Japan, where it has been available for lease since earlier this year. Mazda is banking on getting rotary engine hydrogen powered vehicles to the showroom floor before the more efficient (and more technologically complicated) h

The Hydrogen Economy. How many times have we heard that this futuristic nirvana is coming? And why is it always 15-20 years from today? It'll be great when the HE finally gets here and provides clean energy to everyone, but who knows when (or how) the serious technological hurdles will be overcome. While we wait (some more), here's a look at how Mazda spent the past 15 years gearing up for hydrogen vehicles.