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Volvo and Jaguar-Land Rover have made similar plans

It could get some support from Toyota.


Meeting the US's 2025 fuel-efficiency mandate may be difficult without electrification.

Mazda continues to wring out more fuel efficiency from its Skyactiv gas-engine technology.

We noted Mazda's somewhat unusual message to New York Auto Show attendees yesterday, the one that said: Not Electric. Not Hybrid. Not A Drag To Drive and thought we should try to figure out why Mazda is going after today's electric and hybrids vehicles with this kind of attack message. The short version: electric and hybrid vehicles won't be fun to drive until Mazda makes one.

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Starting in 2013, Mazda will become the second manufacturer, after Nissan, to make use of Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive technology. In March, Mazda signed a licensing agreement with the hybrid behemoth and hopes that with a supply of hardware – presumably including transmissions, power electronics and battery packs – spilling in from Toyota, it will be able to launch its own hybrid in three year's time. However, for Mazda, gas-electrics are reportedly only one part of the advanced ve

According to various reports all over the interwebs, Mazda – long known as an automaker most interested in a sporty driving experience – is currently shaking up the ranks of its management in an effort to find the right fit for its executives and enable certain individuals to have more influence over the decision making process at the Japanese automaker. It seems the organizational changes also include the creation of a new department that will oversee the development of eco-friendly