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The man they call Maximum Bob had visions of becoming Governor Maximum Bob. When the former vice chairman of General Motors saw his tenure with automaker drawing to a close, Bob Lutz considered running for governor of Michigan. It appears this was merely a brief consideration, ahead of the 2010 election.

I recently visited "Maximum Bob" Lutz at his home to interview him for the summer issue of the quarterly Motor Trend Classic and found the 79-year-old energetic and outspoken as ever six months beyond retirement from General Motors. We talked mostly product stories from his long auto career, which began at GM Overseas Operations in 1963 and progressed through ever-higher responsibilities at BMW, Ford and Chrysler, then back to GM ten years ago. But we touched on other interesting topics, too, in

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It's the end of an era, folks. There are reports this afternoon all over the internet that General Motors' Vice Chairman, "Maximum" Bob Lutz, will officially retire on May 1. Those keeping track will remember that Lutz initially announced his retirement back in February of 2009, but then later chose to remain with GM, heading the marketing and communications teams.

There has been a lot said about GM in the wake of tough market conditions and the Detroit Automaker's $15.5B Q2 loss. As you can imagine, a lot of the talk isn't upbeat. GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz seems to think much of the discussion surrounding the General is nothing more than speculation and uninformed bias, but then again Maximum Bob's got a bit of a pro-GM bias of his own. So you can imagine that Blogger Bob was interested to see an hour long special called Saving GM, which recently aired on