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REPORT: F1's Ecclestone ripped for Hitler comments

For such a distinguished and high profile institution, Formula One looks more and more like some sort of pro wrestling outfit by the day – and much of that circus-like atmosphere can be traced to the sport's leadership. The latest development in the series is Bernie Ecclestone's Marge Schott-esque interview with London's The Times newspaper.

Le Mans courting disgruntled F1 teams

Every F1 fan knows that while these might not be the darkest days for F1, they are certainly distracting and annoying. Max Mosley's years of unilaterally implementing rules might finally break up the F1 band, sending eight current teams into a breakaway F1 series or a different series entirely. If that happens, the people behind Le Mans have thrown open their doors to those poor, huddled masses.