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REPORT: F1 scraps new winner-take-all format after teams protest

As if there could be any more drama before the 2009 F1 season begins, the recently (and hastily) implemented change to the points system has now been thrown out. This year's "winner take all" format was a variation on the gold medal system Bernie Ecclestone proposed last year that was li

Jackie Stewart says it's time for Mosley and Ecclestone to step down

Former Formula One World Champion Jackie Stewart believes that no one in the sport's paddock will dare to speak out against Max Mosley and Bernie Ecclestone, so he's tasked himself with the honor. Suggesting that F1 is essentially run by a cabal consisting of two men, Stewart says that Max and Bernie are too close and have too much power. This has kept the people inside the sport from speaking out about it and the situation has made the current revenue sharing plan "untenable" - all of which fig

F1 President Max Mosley postponing retirement plans?

Max Mosley has been head of the FIA for 15 years. Earlier this year, he pledged that when his term ends next year, he would step down – and that was before the infamous sex scandal. Yet even after the turpitude, Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone – whose Christmas card

Bernie Ecclestone wishes you a Merry Christmas... at Max Mosley's expense

Formula One impresario Bernie Ecclestone's Christmas tradition is to send a mischievous card to friends. The past few years he probably hasn't had to work too hard to come up with something -- in fact, it's probably taken more time to figure out which particular F1 shenanigan he wanted to portray.

Max Mosley launches more lawsuits against newspapers

Unwilling to recognize when genug is enough, Max Mosley is forging ahead with more lawsuits. After being awarded a £60,000 judgment (plus an additional estimated £1 million in expenses) against News of the World, the tabloid that broke the story of the FIA president's alleged sexual activities, Mosley is now launching a second lawsuit against the publishers. Whereas the

Sorry Bernie, Mosley wins vote of confidence

Max Mosley dodged the definitive bullet earlier today in Paris where the FIA president walked away with a win after a secret ballot vote of confidence took place. Of the 169 votes, 103 expressed confidence in the embattled president, who is dealing with the fallout from a sex tape released by the News of the World that showed Mosely

Eccelstone calls for Mosley to step down

Bernie Ecclestone, the billionaire brain behind the commercial side of Formula 1, has for the first time publicly called for Max Mosley's resignation. When the Mosley scandal broke, Ecclestone, who has known Mosley for 40 years, did not take a stand on Mosley's resignation. All Ecclestone would say is, "It doesn't look good, does it?"

FIA to cap F1 team budgets for 2009

We love Formula 1. Have for years. We believed it was the pinnacle of motorsport, and by golly each team had the stratospheric budget to prove it. There was a time when a single top team in F1 spent enough to run 12 or 13 top dollar teams in IndyCar. Teams have been wanting the costs to come down, which is fine, because we also miss the days when privateers had a punter's chance at winning a race. Bring back the days of Jordans, Saubers, and Tyrells, we say.

Formula One hybrid racing coming in 2010

The German car magazine Auto, Motor and Sports reports Formula One racing will use hybrid cars by 2010. It seems FIA boss Max Mosley finally got a deal for the greener races. A lot of technology that we see in cars today was developed on the race track, and we can only imagine what this new F1 style might bring. The addition of hybrid technology to Formula One racing is further validation of the technology. We know that some of the Lascelles Linton

Turbos coming back to F1 in 2011?

Way back in the era known as the '80s, Formula One cars outfitted with turbos were making upwards of 1,500 HP, from engines as small as 1.5-liters. As time wore on and power went up accordingly, turbochargers were banned in the never-ending quest to bring power and development costs out of the stratosphere. Fast-forward over two decades later, and environmental concerns have made FIA president, Max Mosley reconsider the snail-ban.

FIA confirms 12 teams for 2008, Prodrive makes the cut

To no-one's surprise, the FIA announced Friday that Prodrive will join the existing 11 teams for the 2008 championship.

Breaking news: FIA puts the squeeze on Formula 1 manufacturers

The International Automobile Federation (FIA) and its President Max "My Way or the Highway" Mosley seems determined to bully into submission the five members of the Grand Prix Manufacturers Association, who have threatened to set up a series in competition with Formula 1. On Wednesday, the FIA's motor sport council rubber stamped Mosley's plan to force teams to commit to participating in the 2008 Formula 1 championship by the end of March. A very interesting Stuart Waterman

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