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Last summer, Mauricia Grant, a former official and technical inspector for NASCAR's Nationwide Series sued her ex-company to the tune of $225 million. She claimed that during her time with NASCAR -- from January 2005 until her termination in October 2007 -- that she had been the victim of 23 specific incidents of sexual harassment and 34 specific incidents of racial and gender discrimination. Those are serious accusations levied towards organizers, so it's not too surprising to hear that the la

Look, we all know the stereotypes about NASCAR culture being built upon a foundation of racism and sexism, but we also know that they're just stereotypes and many if not most NASCAR fans and the people who make the sport possible don't fit the prescribed mold. That's why it's unfortunate to hear about allegations levied by Mauricia Grant, a former official for NASCAR, who is accusing her ex-employers of racial and sexual harassment in a $250 million lawsuit filed today in U.S. District Court. Gr